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A Selection of must have Caravan Accessories

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

These accessories will help you on the road for your holiday, weekend break or longer.

Caravan Steps:- Unlike a at home where your doorstep may well be level with your garden path. With your Caravan the door is approximately 2' off the ground. To make it easier to get in or out of your Caravan you can have either a single or double set of steps.

Caravan Water and Waste containers:- As you must consider your payload when travelling, so water and Waste containers are a must. You have a choice of plastic Jerry cans or a roller container which would be more suitable if the water supply on your chosen campsite is a distance from your pitch. Choose which water carrier you prefer as you don't want to carry both.

Caravan Toilet Chemicals:- These are an essential, there of different varieties available on the market. You also need to consider checking with the campsite as some will only allow the use of the organic ones. You may also consider a toilet tent if camping as modern caravans and Motorhomes have built -in toilets.

Crockery:- You should consider caravan friendly dinner sets such as a melamine one, a 16 piece set can be bought at around £30. China crockery is heavy and easily damaged. Any cutlery set will be fine.

Basic Toolkit:- A hard rubber mallet, wrench, small crowbar, screwdriver and socket sets, these should be sufficient for any common problems and for setting up on site.

First aid kit:- It is advisable not only to have one in the car, but one for the caravan as well. Making sure that everyone knows where it is, so it is instantly available should the need arise. Remember to replace any items you use and those that have gone out of date.

Caravan Leisure Battery:- Do not leave home without it, and remember to keep it charged. These can cost between £60 To £90 depending on the type you require.

Fire Extinguisher:- You should carry a dry powder fire extinguisher. These can cope with small fires like petrol, diesel, cooking fats and flammable gases such as butane. Also consider carrying a fire blanket, these could save your life or your Caravan.

Bedding or Sleeping bags:- These are a personal choice either a duvet or Sleeping bag along with pillows, pillow cases and sheets. You may also wish to invest in a mattress protector. Remember to keep your bedding dry, and do not use them outside in case they get damp.

Security:- You should also take precautions against theft whilst on site. A good hitch lock and wheel locks are a deterrent to protect your vehicle from theft. Check with your insurance provider, and request written confirmation (either email or letter) as to what their minimum security requirements are on your policy.

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