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Caravan & Trailer Security

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Here are a few hitch locks to secure yourCaravan/Trailers when during storage, or parked at a camping site during lockdown.

Winterhoff Robstop WS3000 + (reinforced) Part No: 1860171

This product is designed for Winterhoff hitches only, models WS3000/WS3500/WW13-N/WW150RB and WW30K. The Robstop prevents unauthorised coupling and uncoupling, it also prevents the dismantling of the coupling itself. The Robstop is made from a high grade steel alloy, with a special locking cylinder SCM(NL) and sold Secured Approved (GB), it is water and corrosion resistant and is a registered product design.

The Robstop WS3000+ comes with the lock, 2 keys, a security ball and 6 plastic inserts, and weighs 2kg. This lock can also be fitted when driving and is very easy to operate.

Al-Ko AKS Safety AKS 2700 Hitchlock

This Al-Ko Safety Hitch Lock Device is for the AKS 2000/2500/2700. The Al-Ko Safety (Hitch Lock) Anti-theft Device is effective against uncoupling from towing vehicle, or coupling onto another towing vehicle and theft of the stabiliser from the caravan/trailer. This hitch lock is not suitable for the use where the overrun has a reverse lock fitted, on the side.

It is recommended that you use the Al-ko safety ball. This will prevent your Caravan or trailer from being coupled to any other tow vehicle or smaller tow ball and being towed away. This product comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty and holds a full TUV approval certification. It also has a full "Gold" Sold Secure approval, and weighs approximately 2.5kg. Kit contains: - 1 x Instructions, 2 x Keys, 1 x Security Device, 1 x bellows, 1 x Safety Ball, 1 x Fixing kit.

Al-Ko Security Device Hitch Lock for AKS 1300

This sturdy Genuine Hitch Lock Security device Al-Ko part Number: 1385878, is the essential accessary to prevent theft of your caravan. The device can be easily attached to the coupling/stabiliser by using the two mounting brackets. When the brackets are in position the device simply drops into the brackets and locks into place. Once the security device is locked, the device has been proved and tested to withstand a dedicated 5 minute attack test sold secured. It also has a full TUV certificate which enables you to enjoy Insurance discount from some insurance providers. By fitting the Al-Ko Safety device it protects the bolt heads of your coupling or stabiliser. Also this security device can be fitted to the caravan whilst still hitched to the tow vehicle when parked in a Motorway Service Station, to prevent it from being uncoupled and towed by an unauthorised vehicle. Please note this device should not be fitted to the caravan whilst travelling. To identify which type of coupling you have on your caravan, look at the marking stamped onto the coupling head. If you have AKS1300, AKS2004 or AKS3004 then this lock is suitable.

The device has a Anti-pick, Anti-drill cylinder lock which comes with two security keys. The device weighs 2.28kg and is easily fitted in 10 seconds. The lock is manufactured from high density steel and comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty. Kit contains: 1 x Security Device, 2 x Security Keys, 1 x Safety Ball and 1 x fixing Kit (fixing brackets, security bolts, locking nuts, assembly slugs, operating instructions.

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