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Fenwick Waste Pipe and Tank Cleaner

Fenwick Waste Pipe and Tank Cleaner, cleans and freshens waste tanks and toilet cassettes. It's powerful formula has been designed to remove stubborn stains and get rid of unpleasant odours.

You will soon find that this is your go to product when you want to the waste systems and interior of your caravan or motorhome, as the highly concentrated formula guarantees results.

  • It Cleans shower and sink drain pipes, by removing debris or blockages

  • Cleans your toilet cassette

  • Eliminates unpleasant odours

  • Use diluted to clean work surfaces

Directions for use:-

Waste Tanks (Grey and Black)

Add 100ml of waste pipe and tank cleaner and 5 litres of warm water to the waste tank, allow to soak all surfaces, shaking tank occasionally, rinse and repeat if necessary

Black Bits

To eliminate unsightly bits from the flush system, add 50ml of waste pipe and tank cleaner and 2 litres of warm water to the flush tank, allow to soak and flush through completely.

Blocked Pipes

Pour 50ml to 100ml of cleaner down the blocked pipe. Leave for a couple of hours to clear blockage.

Cleaning Surfaces

Dilute 50ml in 450ml of water, apply using a trigger spray to all hard surfaces. Allow 20 seconds to soak and wipe clear for a clean and sanitised finish. Suitable for work tops, fridges etc as this product leaves a food safe surface.

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