Floe and Truma Ultraflow Touring Combo Kit, to drain down your water system.

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

The Floe Ultraflow Combo kit helps to protect your caravans internal water system with the Floe system drainage kit. If your touring caravan is fitted with a Truma Ultraflow Pistol plug and socket to bring water onboard, then this is the combo kit for your needs.

The Floe system is a simple and efficient way to drain down your touring caravan, giving you beautifully fresh drinking water, also it prepares your caravan for those cold winter frosts.

The Floe is the Winner of Practical Caravan’s, Caravan Accessory of the year award in 2012. It has been tested and scientifically proven to remove more than 99.9% of stale water, bacteria or biofilm, leaving your system fresh and empty for every trip. The Floe has also been proven to protect the intricate components of your water system like your pump, water filter, shower and plastic taps from damage caused through winter frosts.

With its patented technology, Floe simply fits to this Truma branded adapter. The adapter fits snugly into the side of the van and with the help of a foot pump or 12/240 volt tyre compressor, you will be able to purge water to prevent frozen lines, pumps and taps etc in winter.

As it takes no time at all to use, you can also use the kit to clear lines of older stagnant water preventing the possibility of disease such as Legionnaires and have fresh drinking water every time you use your caravan.

A must have tool for every caravanning enthusiast. Also comes with UK water tap connector, 1/2" reducer and full instructions, so that you can use this at home if your water system is purely mains driven or to winterise hoses and power hoses etc. To find out more on how to drain down your property, please watch the DVD which comes with the unit. Floe also offer a personal support service, so that you are never stuck, and they back their product with a manufacturers guarantee.


Do not exceed 15PSI when you pressurise the system and read the instructions throughly before use.

The product may not be suitable for caravans with onboard fresh water tanks. f a tank is present, make sure that there is a manual or electric diversion, that allows water to be drawn directly from the outside water barrel, straight to the taps. As tanks contain air vents that will leak air pressure. In this event there is a floe Caravan and Camper Drainage Kit. The Floe also has a kit suitable for the Whale touring Combo, kits suitable for Motorhomes and Statics

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