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Thetford Porta Pottis

These are a solution for your days out when the Public Conveniences are closed or the campsite facilities are not available or closed. So you are able to go out for a day or camping without the worry of finding open toilet facilities.

This is a medium sized portable toilet, which doesn't require connection to a drainage or water system, and comes with a 3 year warranty. This Porta Potti is comfortable, practical and durable, this could be the perfect solution as public facilities could be closed due to the current Covid-19 rules. This model has a 15L capacity for flush water tank, with a 12L capacity for the waste holding tank. The flushing system is manual bellow pump , the dimensions for the unit are Height 330 x Width 385 x Depth 427mm, with a seat height of 324mm and weighs 3.6kg, making it ideal for camping, caravan, motorhome, day trips or while building work is taking place in your home.

The 335 is the small porta potti, it is super compact, making it the perfect solution to use on your boat, tents, and camper vans T5 and T6 VW. This toilet comes a special hold down kit to attach the toilet to the floor, one simple action releases the toilet. The dimensions of this model are height 313 x width 342 x depth 382mm, with a seat height of 308mm.

Waste tank capacity is 10L and the flush tank capacity is also 10L. One measure of Thetford Aquatank (Blue) in the waste tank and a measure of Aquarinse (Pink) in the flush tank as recommended. It comes with a piston pump manual flush. It also has a integrated pour-out spout, and weighs 3.3kg. This is a practical, comfortable and durable portable toilet that doesn't require any connection to drainage or water systems. This unit also comes with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.

The 165 model is the large porta potti. If you are looking for a comfortable, practical and durable toilet that doesn't require connection to a drainage or water system, this Thetford porta potti is the perfect solution for you. It has a 3 year manufacturer's warranty, is lightweight, high quality and has a choice of flushing systems. It is also easy and convenient to empty.

The 165's dimensions are 414 x 383 x 427mm, it has a 15L flush water tank capacity and a waste holding tank capacity of 21L. This model has an option on floor attachment Hold Down Kit (Part No: 92922777). It has a manual flush Bellow Pump Flush, seating height is 408mm and weighs only 3.8kgs.

The porta potti 165 Qube is a good choice for Camping, your Camper Van, Motorhome, Caravan or as a general toilet during building works, when a conventional flushing toilet is not available.

There are porta potti carry bags as an accessory for these toilets for discreet and easy carrying of the units.


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