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Thinking of Chasing the Winter Sun

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

If you have time on your hands and a leisure vehicle, why not take the opportunity of using it all year round.

While most of us put our leisure vehicles into storage or on our driveways during the winter months, why not look at making the most of our vehicles and use them during the winter.

Most of us enjoy Christmas at home with family, we could look at the alternative of spending Christmas away. So why not consider going south chasing the winter sun, like touring through Spain or other countries extending our holiday times through the winter months.

Some friends are telling us that going south for the winter not only for the benefit of better weather, but it also saves on domestic bills like heating, making these holidays a cheaper alternative to staying home, staying at quality off-season campsites.

Spain and Portugal are the popular choices going as far south as the Algarve. You would need to take the ferry across to Europe either directly to Spain, or travel through France first and plan stops along your route.

Some top tips if you decide to chase the winter sun: -

1. Check your home insurance covers your home if you are away for a month or more. You might consider asking someone to house sit for you. Also that your vehicle insurances and breakdown cover are sufficient.

2. Think about fitting a safe in your leisure vehicle, to keep documents, valuables and money safe.

3. Check your passport is valid and will not expire while you are away.

4. As calor gas is not available in Europe, take full cylinders with you so you don't run out. Look at alternatives, making sure you have the correct regulator.

5. Check your EHIC Medical Cards and travel insurance are in date, making sure that you are covered should anything happen.

6. Familiarise yourself with the traffic laws of the countries you are travelling in, and keep yourself up dated on these.

7. If it's your first time embarking on an international adventure, you might consider joining a club that organises international rallies, who can give some advise and guidance.

8. Check with the campsites you plan to stay at about the amperage they have for electric hook-up. If you are concerned about it you could consider having solar panels fitted (some new motorhomes have these fitted or as an optional extra). One of the benefits of solar panels is you can go wild camping should you wish, it also means you can choose sites that do not have electric hook-up.

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