A robust classic of cherry, almond and orange with a hint of cinnamon.


There are up to 40 uses in each 1 Litre bottle of Camperlife’s Toilet Chemicals & with a handy measure on top. No overdosing your measure saving more money!


This is highly concentrated, 25 ml per 20 litre tank. 


25 ml x 40(uses) = 1 litre.


Amazing value for your money and simple quick and easy to use. 


This product is Bio & Formaldehyde free.


All these products are designed especially for Caravans Motorhomes & Inshore Boats.


There is no other blue on the market that is as effective as Camperlife’s toilet chemicals with individual fragrances and the power to outlast most other toilet chemicals on the market.


There is no better reason why you shouldn’t give Camperlife a try.


Instructions for use: 


1.Simply loosen the cap on the pre measuring side


2.Squeeze very gently on the bottle until you reach 25ml on measuring line.


3.Then simply pour backwards into your toilet cassette


Note: Please store bottles in outside lockers. Always refill into your external cassette tank.

Dark Cherry – Multi Scented Toilet Blue

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