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Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner Concentrate will easily remove black streaks, green algae, road traffic film, diesel fumes, and over wintering grime, etc. It is suitable for cleaning plastics, aluminium, acrylic windows, GRP, ABS, fibreglass, decals, sealants and much more. Highly concentrated formula to save you money washes upto 40 vans, guaranteed results.


How to use Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner


Step 1: Pour 2 capfuls of Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner Concentrate into 5 litres of warm or cold clean water.

Step 2: Apply to surfaces from bottom to top using a spray, sponge or brush.

Step 3: Allow 1 to 2 mins to soak in, but do not allow to dry.

Step 4: Agitate with a sponge or soft brush.

Step 5: Rinse thoroughly with water from top to bottom, or for that showroom finish just add Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler to the rinse water.


Handy hints


1) A 1 to 10 solution will remove stubborn marks and black streaks.

2) Rinsing with Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler protects and makes cleaning easier.



Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner Concentrate

  • Shampoos, waxes and polishes

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