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1.1m x 1.1m Fire Blanket & Holder, ideal for use in;

  • Home
  • Caravans
  • Boats
  • Small kitchen areas
  • Cafes
  • Student Houses

Just to mention a few

Manufactured from K100 glass fibre fabric with a flame retardant silicone rubber coating. The silicone coating greatly improves the performance by reducing the risk of flammable vapors passing through the blanket and re-igniting. Traditionally designed to put out chip pan fires, fire blankets can also be used in laboratories and for other commercial risks. They are also suitable to wrap around a person if they catch alight or to wrap it around yourself to vacate the premises in the eventuality of a fire


  • Manufactured to BSEN 1869:1997
  • (supersedes BS6575 previous standard)
  • Plastic protective container
  • Height 200mm
  • Width 180mm
  • Depth 48mm
  • Weight 620 grams
  • Rear key hole within container for easy wall mounting
  • Pull straps for easy use


How does it put the fire out?

Fire blankets extinguish fires by smothering and starving the oxygen from the fire.

If used on a chip pan do not lift the blanket to see if the fire is out, it will probably re-ignite, call the fire brigade.

Never use water on a chip pan fire.


Fire Blanket

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