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The Truma gas filter easily and effectively protects the gas system from contamination in gas cylinders. Oily particles are carried along with the gas flow as aerosols, depositing themselves in the regulators therefore blocking them. The Truma gas filter reliably separates out these oily particles, thereby ensuring the gas system and all gas-operated appliances will have a long service life.

  • Separates out up to 99% of the oily particles.
  • The filter cartridge can be replaced quickly and easily.
  • Suitable for all wall-mounted gas pressure regulation systems and fillable gas cylinders.
  • Also available as a practical pack of two at a special price.

The filter cartridge must be checked for residue (e.g. oil or clear liquids) at regular intervals, but at least every time the cylinder is changed). 
Replace the filter cartridge

  • if there are residues on the filter cartridge or in the filter cup,
  • at least every 2 years.

Truma Gas Filter

SKU: 0103-TGF
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