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Whale Part No. GP1354

Whale electric freshwater pump range includes models with the very latest electronic technology. All pumps are manufactured from only highest quality inhouse moulded parts and robust motors.

Whale's high flow rate long life submersible impeller pumps

  • Simple, compact and an economical solution
  • Long life, very quiet with low power consumption
  • An inexpensive way to update a manual to an electric system
  • chose the pump to suit your freshwater needs on board from 3 flow options

12 V d.c. / 24 V d.c. models available

For best performance:

  • Maximum continuous operation should not exceed 15 minutes
  • Do not run pump dry as it will cause pump damage
  • Do not use to pump water that is over 60oc
  • We recommend the pump stands vertically in the tank
  • Before switching on, place the pump in water and shake for a few seconds to release trapped air. This will ensure successful priming and should be repeated after refilling the water tank
  • Add an in-line pump into a system to boost water flow


In stock with supplier, available to order

Whale Submersible Pump Premium 24v GP1354

SKU: WH227
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