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CBE Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Detector

The acoustic alarm detects the presence in the air of LPG gas (Butane, Propane and their mixture), and soporific gas (Ether gas with narcotic effect). This unit has been specifically designed for use in Caravans and Motorhomes.

There are two calibration levels which can be selected using a configuration bridge on the back of the detector, which allow the sensitivity of the sensor to be adjusted according to to the use and chosen installation position.

It has a visual and acoustic signals to warn of the presents of gas in the air before it reaches a tenth of the minimum amount of gas needed to trigger an explosion (LPG), or it has an effect on people (Soporific gas).

It's easy to install with only a 12v supply needed. It has a surface mount back box supplied or you can remove this if you want a flush fit.

  • The Kit includes a BMAC2 frame, this frame also fits the "Berker Integro" range.

  • Dimentions: 119 x 60mm

  • Sensor consumption: 75MA

  • Acoustic Power (Beeper): 85 DB max at one meter distance

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