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Driving in Europe, now Brexit has been completed

You can check www.gov.uk or with the DVLA on the new rules for driving. Here are a few of the new rules that you need to be aware of before travelling.

When travelling to the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland, like:-

  1. Check your passport has at least 6 months left and is no older than ten years

  2. Make sure you have travel insurance that covers you health needs/care

  3. Check you have the correct driving documents

  4. If you are taking your pet, contact your vet at least a month before travelling

Check the travel advice for the country you're visiting for the latest information.

If you are taking your own vehicle you will need a green card and a GB sticker. You may also need an international driving permit to drive in some EU countries and Norway, if you have:-

  1. Paper Driving Licence

  2. A licence issued in Guernsey, Jersey, Gibraltar or the Isle of Man.

Check with the Embassy of the country you will be driving in.

If driving in European countries all UK vehicle Insurance provides the minimum third party cover to drive in:-

  1. The EU (Including Ireland)

  2. Andorra, Norway

  3. Iceland, Serbia

  4. Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Check with your insurance company before travelling for extra cover like theft or damage to your vehicle when driving abroad,

You will also have to carry a physical copy of your Green Card to drive your car in these countries.

Getting a Green Card from your Insurer

A Green Card is proof you have vehicle insurance when driving abroad. Contact your insurance company/companies to get one for your vehicle. They will either:-

  1. Post your Green Card - Allow up to six weeks for this

  2. Let you know how to download a copy and print it yourself

Please note that you may need more than one Green Card if you have:-

  1. You are towing a Caravan or Trailer (one for the towing vehicle and one for the Caravan/Trailer)

  2. If you have two policies covering your trip (One per insurance policy)

Showing your Green Card

  1. You must show your Green Card if you have an accident

  2. At boarders between Countries

  3. If you are stopped by the Police

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