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Floe Automated Induratec 868 - 240v Drainage System

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

At last a unit to help the Static Caravan Owners

This is suitable draining down and preparing your Static Caravan, Park Home, Lodge or Wood Cabin for winter. Protecting your property from frost damage, allowing you to use your Static, etc through the winter months, draining when and as often as you like before you leave, your investment over the winter months.

The Floe will also clean the inside of your pipes of biofilm algae by up to 99.95%, it will also clean the inside of the boiler, which can save you around 15% on fuel and possibly extend the life of the boiler.

The Floe can easily and permanently fitted in the property, so all you need to do when you want to drain down is to turn off the mains water, switch the Floe on and then start opening and draining taps, shower and toilets in the comfort of your property. This unit has it’s own PCB brain and clever compressor, with automatically stops at the correct pressure and restart after each outlet has been drained. The Floe has been designed to be removed without leaving a trace, so should you decide to change/sell your Static etc you can take it with you.

The Floe Induratec if fitted and used correctly as per the manufacturer’s instructions, may even reduce your insurance premium, check with your insurance company.

Weight: 1160g

Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 6cms

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