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Full Stop Security Nemesis Plus Wheel Lock

New from Purpleline, this wheel lock for motorhomes and camper vans is designed to secure a wheel by locking onto a replacement wheel bolt. This works alongside an Adjusting Pin and Wheel bar to prevent wheel rotation.

The Nemesis Plus is a secure, lightweight and quick fitting wheel lock made specifically for Motorhomes and Camper vans. By utilising the bespoke receiver wheel bolt, it can be secured to the wheel in around ten seconds, securing a vast range of wheel profiles. The tear drop shaped shield plate of the Nemesis Plus give optimum security, working alongside various titanium elements, a hardened steel construction was selected to optimise strength and durability.

The Nemesis Plus makes securing your motorhome or Camper Van quick and easy, allowing you to use the Nemesis Plus at times when other wheel clamps and locks would not be suitable i.e at Service Stations and in Car Parks. It is also a Reddot award winner of 2020 giving you peace of mind, that you have one of the best security for your home from home.

To fit the Nemesis Plus you will need to select two wheel nuts that are opposite to one another, on a non engine driven wheel. These replacement bolts have been designed to fit the majority of motorhome wheels, this being said please check that your existing wheel bolts are of the same specification. The receiver bolts supplied with the Nemesis Plus have M14 x 1.5mm thread pitch with a 60 degrees conical seating. If you are unsure then check with the vehicle manufacturer or wheel supplier, as it is possible to cause damage the hub of the motorhome if the screw threads don't match. Alternative size bolts are available to purchase, this information can be found in the manual under 'Alternative Receiver Wheel Bolts'.

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