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Magnificent Recycled Muggi

The must have muggi has had a re-invention, now all muggi's are made from 100% recycled plastics.

The muggi has been designed to carry most sizes of mugs, cups, bottles of wine and more, with one hand, leaving the other free to open doors or move fly screens to one side. These have been developed and manufactured here in the UK.

muggi is driven by innovation, sustainability and creativity. The designer of the muggi is following extensive trials and research as part of their ongoing program of improvement. The new muggi are all made from recycled plastic from the ocean and post-consumer waste, which has been regenerated into a new material comparable in quality to virgin plastic. The best point to consider is that the muggi can now be re-recycled forever, helping to close the loop of the ever increasing plastic problem.

There are a new range of colours available, Rustic Red, Heather Purple, Petrol Blue, Light Grey, Black, Ocean Green and Sage Green. The trays have rubber feet to prevent any slipping during your journey, keeping your drinks in place, it also has finger and thumb holds making it easier to carry by all ages young or old and the disabled.

The muggi can be used in a number of venues like Pubs, Care Homes, the Office and at home, not just for the caravan, motorhome, boats and camping trips. The muggi is also dishwasher safe, and a size that makes it easily stacked and easy to store. The new muggi also has an 88 year manufacturers warranty, so it should withstand bumps, bangs and drops, should it not withstand these it will be replaced.

You can watch a video from the man behind the muggi by clicking on the link: -

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