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Protect against the Frost

The winter months are just ahead of us now, so if you are a winter camper you still need to protect against frost. Check your heating system antifreeze levels, making sure that this is above the minimum mark, if not then it's time to top up.

You can use Elsan Anti-freeze for your motorhome/caravan waters system, this product is made from food grade ingredients so it is safe to use in your drinking water system without risk. After storage water can also be emptied into any designated waste water disposal point.

When camping and using an Aquaroll to supply your fresh water, place it in an insulated Aquaroll bag to help against the water inside the Aquaroll from freezing.

Alternatively if you are putting your caravan/motorhome in storage for the winter months, make sure you drain down well. Clean your waste and fresh water pipes to ensure that they are free from slime or bacteria prior to your final drain down of the year. There are products that help to make sure that there is no water left in your tank or pipes, for example the Floe units for either the Truma or Whale systems, there is also one you can fit inside your caravan this is the Induratec 636, so you don't have to drain down in the inclement weather.

To protect your vehicle further in the winter months you should clean it and use a product like Fenwick Overwintering as an exterior protector. It's like putting a protective jacket on your vehicle, as the active ingredients in this product repel water, dirt and algae without the need for a cover.

Inside your leisure vehicle remove all cushions from the sides, open cupboard doors. fridge doors and if you have a fixed bed lift it to allow air to flow and prevent damp being drawn in. Also use products like Kontrol moisture traps to reduce condensation and musty smells, that can happen when the vehicle is not in use.

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