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As more of us are buying leisure vehicles it is important to keep them safe. There are a number of products you can buy like corner steady locks, various wheel locks, various hitch locks, door locks and tracking devices on the market. The Police are warning that in the UK caravan and motorhome theft is on the rise, growing by 20%. A number of leisure vehicles have been recovered by the NaVCIS due to the usage of anti-theft GPS trackers, however thousands have never been recovered. Even with the threat of theft this doesn’t seem to deter people as in 2016 over 17 million caravan trips were taken in the UK.

One of the main GPS Trackers on the market today is supplied by Back2you, they offer a wide range of GPS Caravan and Motorhome Trackers to protect your asset with their accuracy and cutting edge technology. These devices could save money on your insurance, if you have one fitted let your insurance company know this when applying for or renewing your policy.

The Magnetic Caravan and motorhome GPS Tracker has no wires to chase and has a long 3 month rechargeable battery life. This unit can also be hard wired in and comes with a comprehensive wiring kit if required. This system has advance alerts along with state of the art technology giving you the peace of mind that if someone is tampering with your vehicle you will be the first to know. The strong magnetic base means that the unit can be placed virtually anywhere making it very difficult for a thief to find. Just give the unit a call and you’ll receive an exact location, a great security tool for your caravan or motorhome.

The Compact GPS tracker is an alternative if a rechargeable battery isn’t available. The compact GPS Vehicle Tracker is small and compact making it easy to hide away from prying eyes. All that is required is a positive and negative connection. If this unit senses vibrations or your vehicle begins to move it will send a text message with the alert type as well as it’s current location.

Back2you have offered our readers a 10% discount on their products, you can claim this by going to www.back2you.com and enter code LM33 at the checkout. The pictures below are supplied by Back2you.

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