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Start of a New Year

Our new year's resolution this year is to stay on top of all the jobs on our caravan. Some of these are re-sealing the windows and awning rail to keep the caravan water tight. We found that during driving rain it came in through the windows, so we used Captain Tolley's creeping crack. This has been specially formulated to seek out all those hairline cracks and seals them with a watertight seal. Then we used Sikaflex 512 round the windows creating a permanent elastic seal.

The next job will be to grease the corner steadies. Firstly we will degrease and thoroughly clean the screws an d contact surfaces between the nut and the underside of the caravan with rags or wipes, using a degreasing solution.

Once all the old grease has been removed we will spray the screw and contact surfaces with a lithium based grease, this adheres to the threads and surfaces. We would a lithium based grease as this is resistant to road grime and won't wash off.

Once we have cleaned and applies the grease we will raise and lower the steadies a few times to make sure they move easily and freely.

Normal conventional grease can quickly pick up road grime and other impurities that can cause ware on the steady screws and nuts, making them difficult to operate. So using a lithium based grease will be the best option.

You should only need to re-grease your steadies twice a year, to keep them in good order.

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