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Streetwize 12v Heated Hair Straightener, What is the length of the cable?

The length of the cable is 43” (109cm) for this model. These hair straighteners have ceramic plates and can plug into any 12v cigarette power socket, either in a car, caravan or motorhome.

These give you the freedom to have salon performance, whilst out and about, for example camping. It takes approximately 3 minutes for the ceramic plates to heat up. They have a red LED light which will illuminate to show that the vehicle socket is live and the straighteners are warming. It may be necessary to turn your key in the ignition to the on or auxiliary position in order to obtain power to the appliance. Always follow the manufacturers recommendation.

This product is available at most Caravan and Motorhome Accessory Shops, on-line or from https://www.leisure-mania.com

A similar product would be a 13amp/240v hair straightener, but this would require an electric hook-up

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