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The Benefits and Fun Activities to do While Camping

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

While a number of people go camping to get away from the stresses of everyday life and have time to relax, it is also a cheaper holiday. If it's cycling, walking, fishing or another outdoor activity, camping gives you time to focus on your hobbies without the distractions of day to day living.

Camping doesn't just give you the time to relax, but can help you live a healthier life, if you camp out regularly. By going camping with friends or family it helps to give you quality time together. You can choose what type of activities you and your family enjoy according to the seasons and where to go.

You only need to pack the equipment you need like a tent, cooking utensils and stove, washing and sleeping, clothes and games for the evenings or if it rains and you have to stay in. There are a number of fun, simple and inexpensive activities you can do:-

1) Fun on, in and around Water

Depending on your chosen location there are a number of activities you can do around lakes, rivers, pools or other bodies of water. Some activities are more energetic, whilst others are more leisurely:-



Canoeing or Boating


Paddle Boarding

Skipping Stones



Water Balloon Fights


2) Sport Activities

Not all sites have amenities, there are activities you can do away from the camp site like:-




Hide and Seek

Tag, British Bull Dog

Crazy Golf, to name a few.

3) Become One with Nature

Getting closer to nature, by exploring the

great outdoors, remember not to disturb

or damage the wildlife or pick wild flowers. The activities you can enjoy are:-

Bird and Animal Watching

Gathering Pine Cones

Fossil Hunting

Look for wild berries, nuts and other edible plants


4) When you're Stuck in the Tent

When you find that you have to stay in the tent due to sickness or poor weather, there are still things you can do to entertain the kids and yourselves:-


Telling Stories

Card or Board Games



Watch TV on a portable device

5) Enjoying the Night

There are things to do in the dark as well, which can be thrilling:-

Make Shadow Puppets

Go for a Night-time Walk

Look at the Stars

Play Glow in the Dark Bowling, by putting glow sticks inside a 2L bottle filled with water and use a ball to knock them over

Tell Ghost Stories

Sing Campfire Songs

Look out for nocturnal animals like foxes, owls etc

Please share your camping ideas and adventures with us on Facebook and if this blog has inspired you please share it with your friends.

(Photos taken by Naomi Harris)

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