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Thetford Grey Water Fresh

This is the replacement for Thetford Tank Freshener. The Grey Water Fresh is a concentrated, strong effective fluid which prevents nasty grey water smells. This is available in a 800ml bottle so it is smaller making it easier to store, also it reduces the carbon footprint as more bottles can be imported in the same space as the 1ltr Tank Freshener.

It prevents the nasty smells from the drains and reduces deposits formation in the grey water tanks and gives outstanding grey water odour control.

Thetford Grey Water Fresh keeps your grey water tank fresh and clean for longer periods, allowing odour free discharging of the grey water tank. It works by pouring Thetford Grey Water Fresh into the Sink or shower drain, the dose is 80ml which will last up to 5 days at below 30 degrees above this temperature the dose is 100ml.

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