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Touring Caravans and Motorhome Pros and Cons

2020 has been a year like no other due to the pandemic, it is going to take sometime for the world to recover and many of us will be looking to holiday in the UK. A touring caravan or a motorhome will give you the freedom to travel to many of the beautiful areas in our country. You will be able to look at last minute breaks and get out into the countryside to enjoy nature. So whichever leisure vehicle you choose they are your home from home and give the freedom to travel.

Touring Caravan Pros: -

  1. Once you have set the caravan on your pitch, it stays there for the length of your trip. Meaning that you won't loose your pitch when out for the day

  2. You have more space

  3. Your tow vehicle can be used for trips, shopping etc

  4. Doesn't require MOT's or road tax

  5. You don't have to stay in one location

  6. If you have the space you can keep your caravan on your driveway

  7. Easy to make last minute decisions on having a break

Touring Caravan Cons:-

  1. Some local councils may have restrictions on parking caravans on driveways

  2. Your towing vehicles engine needs to be powerful enough to tow your caravan, so you will need to check the compatibility

  3. Some campsites close during the winter months or close their facilities

  4. Annual servicing and habitation checks

  5. Cost of insurance

  6. Emptying the toilet and waste water

Motorhome Pros:-

  1. You can travel wherever and whenever you like

  2. No queuing at airports or waiting for the flight due to delays

  3. It's your home from home, with all your own comforts

  4. You can wild or free camp, waste facilities are available at garages and supermarkets throughout Europe for a cost of a few euros.

  5. Your motorhome could be used as a spare room for visitors (If you are able to keep it on your drive)

  6. Able to get into the great outdoors

  7. Travel at your own pace

Motorhome Cons:-

  1. Expensive to buy

  2. Annual MOT's, Road Tax, Insurance, damp and habitation checks

  3. Small motorhomes can feel cramped, with small kitchens

  4. Wild camping is difficult in the UK

  5. Storage facilities when you are not using it

  6. Not convenient to use for shopping or parking when visiting places of interest

  7. Have to leave your pitch if going out for the day

  8. Complex water and electrical systems which can be expensive to repair

  9. Emptying the toilet and waste water

  10. You need to take the motorhome to the fresh water taps to fill your tank

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