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Towing Mirrors

When towing remember that you are required to fit suitable towing mirrors if your trailer or caravan is wider than the rear of your car. You must have an adequate view to the rear and along both sides of your trailer/caravan. You should be able to see along the caravans length, meaning you should be able to see a person standing at the rear corners of your caravan/trailer, before setting off you could ask someone to stand by the rear corners (one corner at a time) to check that you can see them clearly in your mirrors.

Failing to fit towing mirrors could result in receiving a fine of up to £1000 and three penalty points, for towing without proper towing mirrors. If the towing mirrors you are using are convex, objects will appear smaller and further away, than if viewed in a flat mirror.

Make sure that you check your mirrors are fixed securely and are in good condition, before the start of each journey. Should you notice any damage or wear on any part of the towing mirror or fixings then do not use these until you have replaced the parts prior to starting your journey.

Cars registered on or after 26th January 2010 must use towing mirrors carrying an E marking (either in upper or lower case). Cars registered before this date are not legally obliged to use E marked Mirrors, although it is recommended.

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