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TRUMA ULTRAFLOW PUMP ASSEMBLY. Is this compatible with an Elldis 2006 autocirrus motorhome?

This pump assembly is not compatible for the Elldis 2006Autocirrus motorhome, unless it has been retro fitted with an Ultraflow filter or Compact housing. Both of these housing are now fitted as a standard housing by the majority of caravan and motorhome manufacturers.

The Ultraflow Pump Assembly is a simple solution which enables you to pump water into your vehicle from an external source (Aquaroll or Waterhog).

  • It connects easily with your Aquaroll or Waterhog

  • It is compatible with both the Ultraflow Filter Housing and the Ultraflow Compact Housing.

  • Available in two lengths: 800 mm for caravans and 1000 mm for motor caravans.

  • Part no: 46040-01 (800 mm), 46040-02 (1000 mm)

This submersible pump requires no priming and has a 9 litre per minute flow rate. It is extremely quiet during operation and can be used with both the Ultraflow Filter and Compact housings.

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