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Watermaster Pump Controller

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

The water system upgrade caravaners have been waiting for!

For trouble free operation and peace of mind, Whale have bought out the Watermaster IC Pump Controller, which intelligently controls the submersible pump.

This unit means that you never have to adjust your pressure switch again as it: -

Stops the pump pulsating at high voltages

Stops the pump running continuously at low voltages

Detects when water container has run dry and turns pump off

Protects the submersible pump, therefore prolonging it’s life

Helps to lengthen battery life

Built-in fault diagnostics system

Service free, one-step calibration process

Easy to retro-fit

*Whale Watermaster IC is only compatible with a Whale Watermaster pressure switch socket and a Whale Watermaster High-flow pump.

With the pressure based water system a surge in the battery voltage may cause the internal pressure switch in the socket to fluctuate, leading to pulsating in the water-flow. Should the battery voltage drop the pump may not be able to produce enough pressure to activate the pressure switch and the pump to run on continuously. Should your external water container run out of water the pump will continue to run on, draining the battery and may shorten the life of the pump. Without the Watermaster IC the only solution is to manually adjust the pressure switch.

The Watermaster IC’s electronic control circuitry monitors the voltage from the battery and compensates for surges and reductions in voltage which can occur. It is also able to detect when the water container is empty and switches the pump off.

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