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Whale EP1642 Water Master Pump, Does this pump come with flat spade type connections or round ones?

To answer this question is simply, this pump comes with the spade connections to fit onto any Truma housing and not round connections. This submersible pump carries a 1 year manufacturers guarantee.

Whilst answering the initial question we thought that we would also cover some more information on this submersible water pump. This is a high flow model with a per minute flow rate for 1m (3ft) it is 14.8 ltrs, 3.7 amps and 3m (9ft) it is 12.8 ltrs, 3.5 amps.

This unit has a hose length of 34.5”(87cm), which is designed to be extra flexible. It has a a protective plug cover, to use when the caravan or motorhome is not in use. It also features a built-in hose holder and a safety strainer.

The pump is 12v dc, which has a high quality dust cover that will hold its shape over time, and prevents debris entering your water container (i.e. Aquaroll).

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