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Whale Watermaster IC Pump Control

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

This is a innovated product which is a means to control the Whale Watermaster High Flow pump. This allows the pump to operate without the need for pressure switch adjustments, offering the following features: -

Stops the pump pulsating at high voltages

Stops the pump running continuously at low voltages

Detects when the water container has run dry and turns pump off

Surge damper no longer required

Protects and prolongs the submersible pump

Helps lengthen battery life

Built-in fault diagnostics system

Service free, one-step caibration processEasily retro-fitted

The Watermaster IC has been designed for use in recreational vehicles, to simplify the supply of freshwater to your caravans and motorhomes, where a Whale High Flow Watermaster pump is used to supply the taps and showers.

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