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Winter Caravanning

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

When you want to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life, why not take advantage of your caravan and escape for the weekend. Many sites are extending their open season or some are remaining open all year round. Some sites provide heated toilet and shower blocks, hard standing and electric hook up.

Being well prepared and organised, you can get away and enjoy your caravan throughout the year, giving yourselves time to kick back and relax, recharging your batteries. All you need to do is pack up, hitch up and pitch up at your favourite location.

Things to consider when winter holidaying are:-

The type of gas to use, Butane becomes ineffective when temperatures fall around zero degrees, so when caravanning in winter consider changing to Propane. Most modern gas appliances work well on both, so the only thing you will need to change is the regulator for the appropriate gas.

Waste Water Tank, reduce the risk of these freezing you can either insulate or add salt to the container or use propriety glycol-free Caravan and Motorhome anti-freeze, such as the one made by Elsan. This can also be used to prevent your toilet from freezing. Remember Car glycol-base anti-freeze must not be used, as you cannot dispose of this into the drainage systems for environmental reasons.

Fresh Water, when the outside temperatures below freezing your outside water container or aquaroll could freeze or partially freeze, to help prevent this you can take a couple of steps. Use a thermal insulation bag for the 40L aquaroll and insulate the inlet pipe, These can be purchased from most local outlets, or store another aquaroll inside your caravan. Most modern day caravans have an in-bound water tank fitted inside.

Please note currently there is no anti-freeze additives recommended for use in your fresh water containers.

Other things you may consider:-

Take extra warm clothing

Waterproof footwear and coats

Heavier tog sleeping bags or duvet

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