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Your motorhome and Condensation

Tips to Prevent Condensation

While using your motorhome during the colder months, to help reduce damp and condensation try the following tips. Not all of them will work so try all and then use the ones that work in your particular model.

Keep your Motorhome Warm

By keeping your motorhome at a comfortable temperature will help in preventing condensation. Using the heating whilst you are in your motorhome, may not work as well as a prevention should the temperature outside get very cold.

Open a Window and use the Extractor Fan

Opening a window will work as it lets fresh air into your motorhome. The air that enters the vehicle will contain less water vapour, therefore reducing the humidity and reduces the level of condensation.

Using your extractor and opening a window helps to reduce moisture whilst cooking or showering. After showering there is a lot of hot, moist air which needs to be removed, by opening an window and using an extractor for an hour after showering will help.

Handheld Window Cleaner Vacuums

A battery operated vacuum quickly and easily removes condensation from your windows in a few minutes.

Washing/Drying Clothes and Towels

During the winter months do not hang wet clothes and towels to dry in your motorhome's bathroom. All extra moisture in the air causes condensation levels to rise. Where possible use the camp sites launderette to wash and dry your clothes and towels.

Moisture Control

To help with the control of condensation you can use moisture traps with crystals, to draw the moisture from the air.

Create Airflow

Mildew and mould can occur by not having sufficient airflow in the vehicle. You can create more airflow by leaving cupboard doors open/ajar or fit vents.

When you are not using or putting your vehicle in storage empty all cupboards and draws, leaving them open allows air to circulate, helping to prevent damp or mildew.

Remember that your cushions and seats need airflow around them. Pull them away from walls, and when not using the vehicle. Stand the seats up inside your motorhome so that air can flow through and around them, to stop them from getting damp.

Put a Protector Over your Windows

By placing a buffer between the cold surface and the warm air inside the motorhome , using a silver screen on the exterior of your windows can help in reducing condensation.

Finally Check for Leaks

Check your windows, doors and awning rail seals, making sure there are no leaks coming from them. When in storage make sure the vehicle is fully drained down, ensuring that there are no leaks from pipes and taps.

Moisture will cause condensation when it's warmed up. Carry a sealant with you just as a precaution.

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